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Online Product Photography Services in China

No experience required, just 4 simple steps to get high-quality e-commerce product images to help you quickly start an online business.

All uploads product information are secure and confidential

Good price, only one third of the US market

Fast delivery starts from 3 working days

Good at shooting 30+ kinds of materials

Professional cameras and lighting equipment

Applicable to Amazon, shopify, ebay, etc.

Our Product Shooting Capabilities

We have multiple professional product photographers who can do almost every type of product shoot and pride themselves on being able to capture just about anything you want. The following are 3 types of e-commerce product photography pictures, click to view the detailed introduction

hair care oil

white background photography

White background product photography ensures that the focus of your pictures is on the product and nothing else.


infographic photography

Infographic Photography top product images on e-commerce showcasing products, uses, features and benefits.


lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography will help you improve the visuals of your website while helping you convert leads.

Product Photography Gallery

We take quick product photos for clients in multiple industries.

Product Category Photography

Good at shooting 30+ kinds of materials.

Click on the image text to see more reference photos

Hire a professional to make it easier

Product photography of different materials requires different expertise. The lighting, camera angles, and post-editing that need to be shown all require a lot of experience. Especially for the shooting of jewelry and glass products, it will be a good choice to leave it to a professional person to make it at this time.

Stainless Steel
Pet Supplies
Baby Products

Product Photography Prices In China

photography price

Product Photography Isn't Expensive

infographics,lifestyle,creative photography

Due to our tax rates and venue fees, our pricing is only 30% of that of comparable photography companies in the US. If your product is made in China, you can quickly get the same high-quality photos without paying more.

Amazon Listing Photo Case

Many of our customers have had success with the Amazon store


All the above cases have been authorized to display

Product Video Shot In China

Product photos often have edits and videos don’t, as consumers they like to see the real thing, just like in the supermarket. So to better sell your product, you must have a video, even if it doesn’t look professional. But he will be of great help to your online store.

Product videos make consumers feel like shopping in a mall

Product usage,Studio scenes,Model appearances

Use product videos to allow consumers to truly feel your product. Get them to trust you more to speed up their buying decisions.

Works on Amazon, Websites, Social Platforms

Relaxed & Friendly

How Obhelper Compares To Traditional Photo Studios


Ob Helper

Professional product photography studio in China

We are a professional product photography studio in China. We have our own e-commerce marketing experts to help you quickly increase your brand influence for the purpose of optimizing pictures to increase sales.


Traditional Photo Studios

Traditional photography studios nearby

Photography studios near home usually run weddings, portraits, etc., not professional product photography, they may be able to take beautiful photos, but this is not what shoppers want to see.

We Will Be Your Friends

We are in China, you can ask us for help with any questions about your online business, we are very happy to help, my friend.

Joy Lou

Joey Lou


With more than 8 years of experience in e-commerce business, I found that many people who want to start a business have a hard time getting products and images, so I created ObHelper to help more people.


Cissie Pan


Very good product shoot designer, her work has helped many people's stores have great success, if you like please follow her

Happy Faces of Happy Partner

We are a group of passionate young team, we will express our work enthusiasm in our work, which is very popular with young people.

Immediately photograph your product

We will reply as soon as possible, because of the time difference, there will be a delay of up to 12 hours.

Our other services

We can provide a variety of e-commerce products and services in China. Helping you quickly choose the right marketing products and create new niches.

Product packaging design

Packaging carton design

Create a new niche by changing the way your product is packaged and adding a logo that makes your product stand out from the crowd of consistent products.

QC Photos

Product quality check

If your product is produced in China, we can help you with product quality Check. We can start with a product and give consumer opinions to help you quickly select the right marketing product.

Product Photography Resources for E-commerce Marketers

It can help e-commerce operators or marketers to quickly understand how to improve pictures and increase product sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Don’t worry, you can provide a shot script if you have an idea. If you don’t know, please tell us, we will shoot according to the product and provide a reference script, we will only officially shoot after you accept the script.

We can provide free product quality inspection to help you quickly choose the right product.

We can receive, as long as the product is in China, we usually receive the product within 2-3 days.

Service Questions

You just need to contact us and inform about your product. Then leave it to us, our staff will contact you within 12 hours.

If it is an editorial modification, we can provide unlimited modifications until satisfied. However, if you change the shooting style midway, you will need to pay extra for this.

No problem, we’ll help you arrange delivery. We will help keep it for 15 days, and if you don’t need this product, we will donate it to those in need in poverty-stricken areas.

We need to pay a 50% deposit, which is non-refundable. Until you are completely satisfied, you do not need to pay subsequent fees.

Fast & High quality

Get high-quality product photos instantly

We will reply as soon as possible. After receiving the product, the delivery will be completed within 3 working days at the earliest.

Fast Booking

We will contact you within 12 hours, please check your email. Only call if we are unable to reach you.

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