What Is Infographic Product Photography? Everything You Need To Know

Infographic Product Photography

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If you want the secret to creating high-converting product photos, then you must not look further than infographic product photography. These are among the top product images on Amazon that showcase the product, its use, features, and benefits. After all, no one wants to read long descriptions.

Infographic product photography is all about visually showing the customers what your product looks like. Besides that, it also shows the benefits, features, components, and uses of the product. The key is to highlight all the best aspects of your product in the infographic.

Here is your complete guide to understanding what is infographic product photography and everything you must know about it.

Infographic Preview

The Basics Of Infographic Product Photography

Before you begin creating such photographs, it is important to know the primary aim of infographics. For example, an infographic is a visual representation of data that neatly contains condensed information. At least 65% of people are visual learners, which is why they might not read long descriptions.

Instead, these people will be more willing to read the infographic. Amazon is one of the top platforms that contains infographic product photography. That is because such information is easy to grasp and read.

A Complete Guide To Infographic Product Photography

Now that you understand what infographic product photography is, here is your complete guide to conducting the best infographic product photography:

1. Create A Plan

Of course, the first thing you must do for the best infographic product photography is to create a plan with guidelines. After all, each image has a story to tell. So, you must consider the story you want to convey about your product and how you will do it.

Here are a few things that you must include in your infographic product photography plan:


What are you trying to achieve with your infographic product photography? You must answer this question to set the objectives of your product photos. Some objectives can be to enhance consumer trust, impart important information, or increase conversions.

Target Audience

Once you set your aim, it is time to identify your target audience. Such a step is crucial because it will help you decide the product information you must include. Let’s assume you are running a fitness store that sells smartwatches for busy individuals between 20 and 35.

watch usage scenario

Of course, these people are busy with work, which is why you must give them a reason to buy the product. In this case, you can use the infographic to display that these people can use your product outdoors, indoors, gym, at work, etc.

Give The Brick And Mortar Experience

Finally, your plan must also include how you can give the brick and mortar experience to your customer. Put yourself in the potential customer’s shoes and try to imagine you are seeing the product for the first time in your store. After that, try to understand the kind of questions that will come to the buyer’s mind after seeing the product.

You must create the answers to these questions and include them in the infographic. Of course, such details could be the material, length, dimensions, and more. Offering such small details can make or break the customer’s decision to buy from you.

detail photo

2. The Infographic Content

Now that you have created a plan, it is time to design the infographic’s content. The first thing you must do is create an attractive heading that will capture the customer’s attention. Of course, the key here is to appeal to the customer’s desires and emotions to ignite interest.

Remember that infographics have limited space, which is why you must keep the heading informative, bold, and simple. Some of the key aspects you can include in the heading are as follows:

  • Product attributes
  • Features
  • The problem the product solves

Of course, what you choose to include in the heading also depends on your target audience. Think from their perspective and understand what would capture their attention the most. Once you understand this, you can include it in your heading.

3. Experimentation With Typography

Using the right font is crucial to conveying the right brand message to your audience. You don’t want to choose a font that does not represent your brand identity in any way. For example, if your brand is elegant or luxurious, then you can opt for any Script font.

On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of modernity and minimalism, you can use Sans Serif fonts. Each font and typography represents something unique that you must incorporate into your brand. So, don’t forget to learn more about typography and branding when creating the ideal infographic product photo.

4. Color Palette

We can’t stress this enough, but your infographic product photography must be consistent with your brand’s color palette. The best way to execute this is to create a mood board. After that, incorporate all the colors that you think will complement your product and brand.

Color Palette

You can take these colors from the product packaging, brand logo, product, or much more. For example, if your brand is sustainable or eco-friendly, you can select colors such as green, white, and beige. You can use this color palette to guide the theme of the infographic product photography.

Remember that if you use widely different colors, it can ruin the aesthetic of your infographic. After selecting the colors, you can take a step back and analyze how it looks. You can also use Pinterest to create the best mood board for infographic product photography.

5. Icons

The next step is to choose the right icons that visually pop while being clear enough to convey the meaning. You can also design your own icons using software, such as Adobe Illustrator or others. For example, a rabbit icon can signify that your brand is cruelty-free.

On the other hand, you can use star icons for energy ratings and more. In a similar manner, you can create your own icons and then add them to your infographic. These icons can display important information about your product.

6. Relevant Photographs And Background

Of course, the background of the image is as important as the infographic itself. That is because a relevant background will highlight the infographic in a much better way. It will also make your infographic more appealing.

You must also select the right product photographs to add to your infographic. These product photos should display the correct information and help the user understand what you have to offer. The key is to zoom in and show what the product includes, such as features, dimensions, etc.

7. Creating Balance

Balance and symmetry is perhaps the most important thing when you are trying to do infographic product photography. The key is to avoid cluttering many elements on one side. Of course, that also does mean that you leave too much empty space.

A general rule of thumb when creating balance is to keep a distance of at least 20 pixels between the elements and the canvas and elements. You can also use a 3 x 3 grid on the top of the image to check if the boxes are not noisy. If you include product pictures, ensure they are symmetrical too in the infographic.

Top Types Of Infographic Product Images

There are various types of infographic product images you can create for your brand. These include:

1. Benefits And Features

You can create an infographic product image that showcases the various benefits and features of the product. You will find this infographic image everywhere on Amazon. The best part is that you can make the infographic image attractive by using vectors, icons, bullet points, and more.

Benefits And Features

It is important that you try to use short text with the icons. These will make it easy for the buyer to discover the product features and understand them well. You can also attach various product images with the features and benefits in the infographic.

2. Comparison Chart

A comparison chart infographic product photograph will help your customers understand why they must select your product. You can create this chart by comparing your product features with the competitors. However, you must not use your competitor’s name explicitly.

Comparison Chart

Instead, you can phrase the image text as “Our Product vs. Other’s Products.” You must keep the comparison chart straightforward and genuine that also shows all the features your product has as compared to the competitor. Be sure not to add features or benefits that your product does not have.

3. Informational Infographic

Another great infographic you can use for your product is the informational one. Sometimes buyers don’t know how to assemble or use the product. Of course, this is where infographic product photography comes in.

Instructions Infographic

You can leverage this power to show your buyers how to use the product with its main purpose. Think of this infographic as a small instruction manual that will help them. These small things go a long way in ensuring that a potential customer purchases your product.

4. Certification And Awards

Are you looking to establish your authority as a brand and want your customers to trust you more? If you do, then you can include certifications and awards in your infographic product photography. Remember that you must not have any certification or award that your product does not own.

Inspection report

That is because online e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, will reject your listing if the awards are fake. You can create unique certification icons and add them to your infographic. So, don’t forget to add these along with your product.

5. What Is Inside The Box?

Such an infographic shows what is inside the box of your product. If your product has multiple parts, then this is the ideal infographic to create. For example, if you sell shaving, curling, or any other kits with multiple accessories, then don’t forget to show the customers.

what's in the package

Your infographic can focus on all the accessories inside the box as you unbox it. You can also scatter the products in the box on the infographic and label the products. Besides that, you can also include the number next to each accessory, so the customers know what to expect.

6. Weight And Size

You can also do infographic product photography showcasing the weight and size of your product. For example, if you want to show the scale of an object, you can show it next to someone’s hands or another object. Doing this will help the customer to understand the size of the product.

package size chart

On the other hand, you can also represent the dimensions of the product. You can achieve this by drawing symmetric lines with the length size next to the product. So, dimension infographic product photography is also important for you to add.

7. Materials And Ingredients

Ingredients and materials are important to add so that your customers know exactly what you are getting. Of course, this is true if you are from food, cosmetics, and other such industries. You can also take the infographic a step further by combining the ingredients and benefits of the product.

cotton paper towel

So, don’t forget to get creative when creating an infographic and doing product photography. It will help you get the most out of what you are doing. These infographics will also stay in handy for a long time to come as you post them for your product listings.

Final Words

That was everything you needed to know about infographic product photography. It is one of the top things you can do to make sure your customers understand your product and everything it has to offer. There are endless types of infographics you can create to showcase your product and its uses.

Most people are visual learners, and posting infographics will help them retain more information about your product. So, you can use it as an effective marketing strategy for your products for a long time to come. Don’t forget to create it according to your brand to create consistency across all platforms.

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