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Professional product photography studio to help you boost your online business.

Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram product photography

Social Selling & Website Sales Product Photography

Visually striking images to get more clicks on your online pages and social media. Works with Shopify,Facebook,Instagram,etc.

Amazon Product Photography

High-quality listing images can help you increase sales by 30%

Product video

In-person shopping experience to increase your customers' desire to buy.

Why choose us

Getting Amazon Product photos in China in 4 Steps

Step 1: contact us !
Step 2: Send us your product
Step 3: We receive your product and start shooting!
Step 4: Deliver work, and revise or APPROVE!

Goods arrived quickly

If your product is in China, it usually arrives in 2-3 days. This will save you a lot of time, time is money.

Start with 0 experience

Professional photography team, one-stop solution to problems. You don't need any experience

Get photos and sell better

Our team has professional marketing masters, we will analyze your competitors to make your products have better conversion rate





shoes photo
shoes photo

How to work

100% satisfied

contact us and send the goods

Communicate with us the desired effect and send the product to our address

50% deposit to start working

After receiving the product, we will confirm the product with you. You only pay 50% and we will get the job done first

100% Satisfied Results

After receiving the product, it usually takes 3-5 working days to complete the shooting, we will send a preview, you can make corrections if you are not satisfied, we can provide 100% satisfactory service

get photos and sell better

When you are 100% satisfied, you can pay the follow-up fee and we will send your final photo by email

Amazon EBC A+ content

$ 288
  • up to 5 modules
  • Layout, Copywriting and Design
  • high resolution photo
  • competitor analysis
  • 3-5 working days for delivery
  • 100% satisfied
  • PSD and source files

Amazon Listing Photos

$ 199
  • Hero shoot main picture x 1
  • infographic photo x 3
  • lifestyle photos x 3
  • competitor analysis
  • 3-5 working days for delivery
  • 100% satisfied
  • PSD and source files

Amazon Product Videos

$ 259
  • 30 to 60 seconds in length
  • Up to 10 material
  • Text annotation animation
  • Background music
  • Hand mannequin
  • 4-7 working days for delivery
  • 100% satisfied

Service Introduction

Hero shooting photo

Meet the requirements of Amazon’s white background, enhance the retouching, highlight the main body of the product, enhance the light perception, and show more product details and textures

Product Infographics

Amazon loves that their sellers use infographics! Combining compelling photography with informative copy is the secret to maximizing sales

Our package includes product infographics, which more intuitively display the advantages of products to customers in the form of charts.

Stylized & creative photography

Get rid of the formulaic way of photography. Make your product a richer visual experience.

Best for brand awareness, website headers, social media, advertising and marketing, stylized and lifestyle photography is where you really get your customers.

Creative photography can differentiate you from competitors with similar products.

Realistic scene composite

By placing real props, the finished product is shot in the studio and placed in the real scene.The big brands and retailers have the resources to build sets and rent locations, but you can get similar results for a fraction of the time and money.

Our photographers diligently match the angle, lighting, and perspective of the background photo you choose to create the most realistic composites you have ever seen.


Model material

Model materials are our model licensed photos, you can hire professional models without paying the same high fees as big brands.
Our photographers will complete your product shots in the studio, choosing photos with consistent lighting and angles to match your product.

Professional real models

We have western and oriental models, if you have more budget, this is the ideal way to enhance your brand memory and personal style

Numbers Speak

Numbers are the best proof of credit

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Any questions, please contact us

Yes, if your product is sourced in China, it only takes 1-3 days for me to receive the product.

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Our goal is to make the process of getting professional-quality visual content as simple as possible. All you need to do is answer a handful of questions and we will be in touch within 1 day about placing your order. Then you just send us your products, and we take care of the rest! 

.For finished photos, we will provide unlimited editing modifications, 1 re-shoots.

Please note that more than 1 round of re-shoots is prohibited unless we missed something that was clearly requested of us. If we properly executed your request, and you happen to change your mind about what you want after the shoot is complete, there will be fees tied to extra re-shoots.

if you want your products returned to you, simply send us a return label and we will get them in the mail as soon as your shoot is complete.
If you do not want the items returned , we can dispose of them.

You can send us a product, we will take 1 test photo (white background), when you confirm you can pay 50% and we will do all the work. When you are satisfied with all the work, you can continue to pay the remaining 50%.

Yes! You can send us 1 product risk-free and get up to 2 photos for that product (on-white product photography only). They are all yours for free whether you decide to place an order or not.

Yes, you can contact us for a discount, and we often offer seasonal discounts and other offers.