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Amazon is coming up with new ways for marketers and sellers to enhance their conversions. After all, if they don’t offer an incentive, no one will register on the platform to sell their products. That is where Amazon EBC or A+ content comes in.

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content is a tool that aims to help you improve your product’s presentation. The EBC is on your listing page, and it allows you to replace product descriptions, display features through images, and much more. It will help you stay ahead of the competition in the long run.

Here is your complete guide to understanding the Amazon EBC tool for images.

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The Basics Of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

You will find the Amazon EBC in Seller Central, where it will allow you to offer additional content and images to the product listing. Amazon has also integrated EBC with A+ content creators previously only for Vendor Central. Any content that you add to the EBC will show up in the product description section that exists below the product details and above the reviews.

The best part about Amazon EBC is that it is free for vendors and sellers. However, vendors can opt for a premium version that has interactive content features. Besides that, it is only available through an invitation from a vendor manager, and it comes at a cost.

The Top Pros Of Amazon EBC

Now that you are familiar with Amazon EBC, here are the top advantages it offers to its users:

1. Engage Your Customers With Visuals

You can use EBC images to engage your customers with appealing visuals. Doing this will also encourage them to interact with your listing and hopefully take action. After all, images get at least 650% more engagement than text, which is why this is the ideal opportunity for you on Amazon.

Amazon EBC Listing Example

You can use the power of lifestyle product photography or hero shot photography to sell your products. Aid your customers in looking at the product and understanding how it will help them daily. The visuals will help the buyer understand your product and purchase it in no time.

2. Customize The Storefront

Amazon EBC allows you to be freer in customizing and creating an appealing storefront. It will capture the essence of your brand as you use the right images and other elements. For example, you can use the EBC to add excellent headings, high-quality images, engaging copy, and much more.

All these elements will come together to optimize your listing and ensure that the customer stays on your page for longer. Because of this, it will help you to convert them and turn them into long-term customers. There are endless ways you can customize your storefront with EBC, so don’t forget to experiment.

3. Boosts Conversion Rates

You might be thinking about how such a simple tool can help boost conversions, and the answer is also simple. Currently, Amazon EBC is free to use, which is why you don’t have to pay anything to use this tool. Of course, if you use it to capture your audience’s attention, it will help improve your conversion rates as running ads will become more cost-effective.

If you don’t have a high budget and you want to increase your sales in simple yet effective ways, then you can use the Amazon EBC. It will offer you the opportunity you need to boost conversions without investing too much effort and money.

4. Target Your Primary Audience

Another way you can use Amazon EBC is to address the needs, concerns and wants of your target audience. For example, you can use this tool to announce changes, add infographics, upload how-to videos, and much more. The key is to use the EBC strategically so that you can get the most use out of it for a long time.

You must think from the perspective of your target audience and think about what you would like to see and understand about the product. So, the Amazon EBC tool can help you target your primary audience in no time.

5. Enhances Brand Awareness

If you use the Amazon EBC tool right, you can enhance the brand awareness of your company. That is because you can use it to bring the design, colors, and aesthetics to your product page. For example, you can include your brand story, logo, and other key elements in the Amazon EBC.

Lotion photo example

Doing this will help you increase brand awareness and loyalty. Besides that, it will also decrease the chances of your competitors trying to copy you. So, you can utilize the EBC to enhance your brand awareness in this way.

Limitations Of Amazon EBC

It is always great to understand the full picture of anything. While the EBC has many advantages, it also has limitations that can make or break your decision to use the tool. Here are some of the limitations that come with Amazon EBC:

1. Restrictions On Image Size

The top limitation of Amazon EBC is the restriction on image size. That is because the dimension for the EBC will depend on the template you plan on using. Each EBC template has a unique image guideline you must follow.

Remember that you can easily get away with using smaller images. However, you can’t add anything larger than the guideline states, as it will significantly risk the image resolution. So, you must understand the image guidelines before you decide to upload any.

2. One EBC Page At A Time

You can only add SKU for each EBC, which is why you can only create one EBC page at one time. On the other hand, Amazon A+ content allows you to add as many SKUs as you like. However, the Seller Central of Amazon will allow you to copy the content from the existing page and then resubmit it.

3. Submission Of Twenty EBC At One Time

Just like there are restrictions on image sizes, there are also restrictions on how many EBC submissions you can make at one time. As you submit the EBC, it will be pending unless someone from Amazon’s Seller Central team rejects or approves it. So, you can only submit twenty requests at one time.

Size Guidelines Of EBC Images

If you want to use EBC in the best way possible, you will have to understand the image size guidelines. Remember that the size of the EBC image will depend on the Amazon A+ content template you select. These are also called modules, and they come in five options.

Each module has an image size limit. Besides that, the images must be under 2 MB in size and at least 72 DPI in quality. Amazon can also reject any images that might be unclear or blurry.

The five modules include:

  • Brand Logo: 600 x 180 pixels
  • Single smaller image: 300 x 300 with text
  • Multiple smaller images: Three images of 300 x 300 with text or four images of 220 x 220 with text
  • Comparison chart: Six images of 150 x 300 with a text table below
  • Text: No image, only text

Even these modules have different variations that you can use to customize and improve your EBC content. If you want to successfully use this tool, then these modules are the most crucial to understand.

A Guide To Creating An EBC Template On Amazon

It is vital to know how to get started in creating an EBC template on Amazon. Of course, the first thing you need to do is to register yourself as a third-party seller on Amazon to use Seller Central. If you use Vendor Central, Amazon will have you use A+ content, which is also smaller.

Here are the steps you must follow to create an EBC template on Amazon:

  • Go to Seller Central and search for Advertising on the menu bar
  • Select A+ Content Manager
  • Use the page to build your EBC template
  • Search for a specific product, design, or ASIN to design an EBC template
  • Another option is to click the Start creating A+ content button and apply EBC to the ASINs later
  • The page will show the products eligible for EBC
  • To create a new template, click the Start creating A+ content button
  • Name your content and select a language
  • Upload an image of the brand logo. The logo must be size 600 x 180 pixels with a 72 DPI resolution
  • Add product description
  • Add images and text to the EBC template
  • Click Add Module and select the module option to begin adding images
  • Finish the process
  • Review the EBC
  • Submit for Approval

Once you submit the Amazon EBC for approval, the company will review your submission and publish it within seven business days. Of course, it might get rejected if you have violated any of the EBC guidelines set by Amazon. If that happens, you will have to carefully follow all the guidelines and apply for this process again.

Top Practices To Build Excellent EBC Listings

Are you wondering how to make the most out of your Amazon EBC? If you are, here are the top practices you can follow for some great results:

1. Communicate Your Brand Story

You can use the EBC listing to communicate your brand story to your audience. It can be the factor that can swing the scales in your favor and ensure that the customer takes the purchasing action. For example, if you use your brand to prevent climate change or help other people, you can include it in your brand story to tell your audience.

After all, a good brand story will highlight your brand values and guarantee product quality. So, use the EBC to highlight your brand story and help customers understand your brand better.

2. Optimize Your Content

While the images are an important part of Amazon EBC, the content is also just as important. The secret is to write thoughtful content that is written for the algorithm and the audience. Think from the perspective of your customers and understand what they would want to know about your brand and product.

Highlight the uses and features of your product. Besides that, it also addresses the issues, so customers have a full picture before buying. Don’t forget to use the power of SEO and keywords for the best results.

3. Answer Common Customer Questions

Another great practice is to answer the common customer questions about your product or brand. You can check the review section of your product and see what customers have to say. After that, you can use the EBC listing to address these questions and concerns.

When you take this step, customers will feel closer to your brand as they will know you are trying your best to address their concerns. In the long run, doing this will also enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

4. Enhance Customer Engagement

Finally, you can use the EBC listing to enhance customer engagement. The best way to do this is to use images and videos that are useful to the customer. For example, if your product is challenging to use, then you can add an informational video or infographic in the EBC that will help your customers understand how to use the product.

Using these elements will help create a unique engagement experience that will go beyond what everyone else is doing. It is also crucial to your research and stands out from competitors in your EBC listing.

Lotion photo example

Final Words

That was a complete guide to Amazon EBC and how you can use it for your brand and to your advantage. It is important that you follow the right practices and guidelines that will help you create the perfect EBC listing for your brand. Once you do, it will give you use for a long time.

So, if you are an Amazon seller, you must take advantage of EBC while it is still free. It will offer you endless benefits that will help increase sales and conversions. Just follow the guidelines and reap the results in no time.

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